Does your business require future proofing by activating a succession plan that will deliver the right person, with the right skills and desire to run your business, when you need them to.

Perhaps you are needing advice and support to motivate and retain your  team to enable a great working atmosphere that sends clear signals to your clients that you are a company they will want work with.

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Efficiency and productivity are key to any business and we will help you develop new processes and solutions to increase your competitiveness.


What we do…


  • Provide a flexible leadership and management training programme to fit any business
  • Offer an Impactful and Interactive course with tangible outcomes
  • Fun and thought provoking
  • No preaching and no power point
  • Pre course training needs analysis for each participant
  • Designed in partnership a course which is “KPI” specific to your organisation
  • Develops leadership skills in aspiring managers at any level
  • Improves leadership behaviour to maximise teamwork efficiency
  • Enable and empower managers to lead their people
  • Symbolic memory joggers for each of the course modules
  • Facilitated by professionally trained presenters
  • Offers a unique process to review post course training with individual action plans

Who we are…

Brain Forbes and Bob Penman

We launched in early 2017 with the goal of providing genuine business solutions for developing companies and their aspiring people.

We have a reputation for cutting edge development programmes and our goal is  to serve businesses with the solutions they require for future success.

We champion interactivity and believe this provides a great emphasis on development and learning experiences. We have an extensive range of expertise in strategy, leadership, management, organisational development, operational improvements, people management and coaching. Our approach is drawn from our personal business experience and recognises the challenges you face today.

Our training programmes are always being updated to include more motivational and thought provoking content which is both relevant and real.


Brian has extensive experience in developing managers at all levels. This has been through the use of Development Centres, mentoring on a 1 to 1 basis and utilising  a psychometric and competency based approach.

Brian Forbes










Bob has used his previous experience with McKinsey consultancy to great advantage  through the change management and culture changes required in business to succeed and this assisted in the creation of a network mortgage and insurance brokers.

Bob Penman

Courses available across Scotland…

  1. New to managing, want to run your team more effectively, we offer a fantastic full day course which will give you the skills you need.
  2. A good manager building on your experience, we can help with a friendly full day course which really enables you to improve your team building and leadership skills.
  3. An experienced manager, helping you move your career to the next level this full day course will ensure that you are fully prepared to lead your next team.

The courses below are a Half Day in duration

Why not Mix&Match them to your own needs.?

  1. Successful Leadership in the Workplace – explore the differences between managers and leaders whilst identifying good and bad leadership styles
  2. Creating a Common Goal – exploring  how and why you need to give your team a clear focus
  3. Team working – recognising the potential benefits of effective collaborative and engaged teams at work
  4. Motivation – establish a clear understanding of how body language and the way you speak are crucial to creating a positive motivational outcome
  5. Sharing Success – how to share success and recognise your team in meaningful ways
  6. Succession Planning – provide a framework that enables a robust succession plan for any business
  7. Work place culture – to be proud of “how we do things here” in a place everyone wants to be part of.
  8. Colleague engagement – how to get everyone to  buy in by selling your vision and letting them get on with it.
  9. Collaborative leadership – no longer just about you its the group deciding the future direction and objectives
  10. Shaping high performing teams – maximising the potential of the team you have enabling continual improvement.
  11. Empowering self belief – giving the authority to learn from mistakes and reinforcing the achievements


Case Studies

Case study 4 – A communication strategy through teamwork


Approached by the MD of Border Care to review, evaluate and identify how to improve morale, team confidence and communication.


We conducted a survey of the senior management team, developed a workshop as agreed by the MD.  Ran 2 half day workshops with the senior management team members who have different views on the operation within Grange Hall. We focused on effective team work, motivation, morale and communication techniques. We provided a report with a number of suggestions for Border Care to consider going forward.


The outcomes from the course are captured in the comment below from one of the participating employees.

“Enjoyed the session, good mix of discussion, presentation and use of props. Gave food for thought and actions”

The course ratings from the 11 attendees were as follows

*Did you enjoy participating in todays presentation?

Average score of 9.9 out of 10

*Do you understand the different ways to lead your team?

Average score 9.7 out of 10

*Are happy to use teamwork to solve day to day problems?

Average score 9.8 out of 10

*Will you implement the communication plan with personal commitment?

Average score 9.8 out of 10

*Do you think you can help morale in Grange Hall to improve?

Average score 9.5 out of 10

Testimonial Comment from the MD of Border Care

“Evoke leadership were invited to the care home to provide a detailed management and leadership course/workshop and to help our management team come up with better ways to communicate between departments. I can say from my experience with evoke that they delivered everything we required and more! Brian and Bob are great at what they do, they integrated the course specifically to meet our needs and the staff could relate to all the discussions. I believe this training and communication plan really benefited us as a management team and fingers crossed we continue to progress as we have done over the past few months. Thanks Again!”

Case study 3 – Evaluating Self Directing Teams


Approached by Potential Living Care Provider to review the progress of their self directing teams, to evaluate and identify the next steps to progress.


We conducted an employee survey, developed a workshop as agreed by the MD.  Ran the full day workshop with a selected group of team members who were perceived to have different views on the success of self directing teams that they were working in. We focused on effective team work, leading your team and how to get the best out of their team members by considering the different strengths that they have. We provided a report with a number of suggestions for Potential Living to consider going forward.


The outcome from the course is captured in the ratings below which enabled the attendees to get the best out of their team colleagues and themselves.

The course ratings from the 14 attendees were as follows

*Did you enjoy participating in todays event?

Average score of 10 out of 10

*Do you understand the importance of teamwork within Potential Living?

Average score 9.85 out of 10

*Are you willing and able to solve your focus persons day to day problems?

Average score 9.93 out of 10

*Are you ready to build your team plan through your personal commitment?

Average score 9.93 out of 10

*Do you think your colleagues would benefit from attending this event?

Average score 10 out of 10

Case study 2 – Principal Teacher Development


The Head Master of the school flagged up the need for assisting some of his future talent pool to have leadership training built into their CPD. He identified a group of potential Principal Teachers and future Deputy Heads to attend the course.


We were approached and designed an interactive course to meet their needs which were specifically based around understanding the difference between managing and leading, recognising good and bad leadership styles and understanding the importance of the appropriate leadership style when faced with different situations.


The outcomes from the course are captured in the comment below one of the participating teachers. Other comments are available on our website.

“The Evoke Leadership course was a fun, engaging and interactive workshop that explored the concepts of effective leadership. It was both enjoyable and beneficial to my career development” – Teacher comment.

The course ratings from the 11 teachers were as follows

*Will this work shop assist you in your role?

Average score of 8.9 out of 10

*Has today increased your understanding of leadership?

Average score 9.1 out of 10

*Your overall rating of today’s work shop?

Average score 9.5 out of 10

Head Master Testimonial

 I invited Evoke Leadership to deliver a day of leadership training to a group of staff who are aspiring PTs.  The day consisted of workshops, discussion groups and scenarios designed to get them thinking and acting as leaders.  Different styles and aspects of leadership were investigated and the group worked as individuals and in teams.  The feedback I got from the participants was that the day was invaluable to them in terms of leadership development; they found it both challenging and enjoyable.  They have recommended that the day is repeated with other groups of staff.



RBS asked if it would be possible to design a leadership workshop based around the skills and traits of the most successful female leaders of our time.


We designed an interactive course to meet the needs which was specifically based around understanding the opportunity for women to achieve senior leadership roles, recognising good and bad leadership styles, using visualisation techniques to share their current view and where they wanted to be in the future.


The outcomes from the course are captured in the comments from some of the participating women. Other comments are available on request.

“ really good fun, very positive and engaging”

“ great session and thought provoking”

“ great presentation and very interactive”

The course ratings from the 21 attendees were as follows

How would you rate the guest presenters?

Average score of 4.7 out of 5

Testimonial from RBS

‘Brian and Bob from Evoke Leadership hosted an excellent interactive leadership session at our recent Women In Business event in Lanarkshire. They put together an excellent session which had a very different spin to your usual ‘presentation’ and made sure everyone in the room was interacting and discussing their ideas and opinions on the discussion points put to them’

Their session highlighted teamwork and networking rolled into one, as you could see the buzz around the room as people got to know a bit about each other and their business but also work together to discuss Female Leadership and ‘What a good Leader looks like’.

The feedback from the event was very good and I think everyone in the room was pleasantly surprised with how different it was from usual ‘Banking events’ they had attended and the talking points Bob and Brian included in the session were very relaxed and enjoyable to discuss in the groups!

Highly recommend Evoke Leadership and the thought and detail both Bob and Brian put together to tailor such a amazing Women in Business piece was very much appreciated by all who attended.

Lianne McCardie

Business Growth Enabler, RBS