An Experienced Manager

An experienced manager, helping you move your career to the next level this full day course will ensure that you are fully prepared to lead your next team. ‎

Learning outcomes

Experience a look into the future and consider how to manage and lead diverse, complex and fragmented teams.

The use and importance of developing  informal and formal networks that will enable better decision making.

Strategy, looking to the future and thinking about how the bigger picture is evolving from artificial intelligence.

Course structure and content

Interactive with group discussions and thought provoking breakouts

Analysing real life situations, discussing options and presenting feedback

Use of “memorable” video clips to reinforce learning points

No powerpoint presentations

Unique personal action plans to implement post course

Value of Attending

This course will deliver additional skills to help recognise the potential direction the business needs to consider moving forward. This will benefit your business by preparing it for future technology opportunities and also provide a clear understanding of how leadership in the next 5 to 10 years will change.