Do you know….

DYK 09/03/18Very ironic when you think about his claims around the “fake media”





do you know 23/02

The bottom line is if you believe in what you are doing you will achieve what you want to.





Did you know January 2018

Why is this?…Is Monday the hangover effect from the weekend?…Are we running down from Wednesday to Friday… Do you have the answer?….we do..!!



did you know

This must be a surprise to all of us in management….think how much time is spent recruiting and training new staff to replace the leavers……get to know your team better….this will benefit everyone.



A staggering statistic..!…We specialise in helping managers improve their communication and confidence skills to overcome their concerns….great fun and interactive at the same time.



dyk20/10This proves rewards do not need to be financial, treat people as people and see the extra commitment deliver greater results




dyk06/10We believe we can reduce this cost in any business with resulting improvements in productivity and morale amongst the team.




dyk29/09This means the average worker in Germany could finish on a Thursday and have a 3 day weekend break… and still be more productive than the same worker in the UK.



dyk 22/09 Is the future of your business being left to chance or do you have a plan and a successor in place on their journey….if not why not let us help you design the best plan for your business.



dyk 13/10

This is the future and we can prepare your management teams to adapt and exploit the new opportunities.